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Todd Weider

Yacht Sales Broker. Entrepreneur. AKA Dad.
Todd believes when you are blessed with the ability to help, you should get involved, so he created Nōbl and the #noblpledge to help raise awareness and make the world a better place.

Nōbl was created to be different - and well, be Nōbl.

Todd Weider, our founder, is an American entrepreneur, yacht sales broker, former superyacht captain, and internet technology marketing expert. He believes if you are blessed enough to have insight and economic opportunity, then you are also blessed enough to give back to those truly in need, while encouraging others to do so as well.

Take the #noblpledge
Simply copy and paste the caption below with an image of yourself:

“ In support of the #noblpledge and @nobllife ( on insta ) I posted this to make the world a better place. Your turn! ”

Inspired by his global travels through and around areas of economic hardship, Todd’s desire to give back came early in his career. Working as an entrepreneur, advisor, and yacht sales specialist for many of the greatest business leaders and philanthropists worldwide, he was inspired to get involved.

With a vision to leverage his expertise in digital marketing and web technologies, he envisioned a new eCommerce channel that would raise the bar and help charitable organizations give to those in need. Additionally, he wanted to empower customers to support as many charitable organizations (over 1 MM to choose from) as they choose with each purchase.

He also vowed to use this platform to practice and encourage qualities that people admire, such as kindness and generosity. This meant leading the voice of UHNWI, who, in addition to their direct contributions through charity, have also given support to our founder throughout his career.

These are very special people whose lifestyles, hobbies, and activities redistribute wealth globally, primarily through high-end travel and leisure, such as yacht charter and yacht ownership. Our founder contributes much of his success to these UHNWI and their participation in yachting.

Every day around the globe, 365 days a year, yacht owners and yacht charterers give back millions of dollars to local economies, which support and create millions of jobs. Per our founder, that’s pretty special and one of the many philanthropic opportunities that yachting creates.

The many philanthropic observation and spirit that encouraged Todd to participate in his own level of giving. He combined his entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise in marketing, internet technologies, and building startups to form Nōbl.

It was the many philanthropists he's worked with and advised inspired our founder, Todd Weider, to give back. It is our sincere hope that through Todd’s vision, regardless of what you believe in, you’ll be inspired to take the #noblpledge and support his efforts by giving back to those in need too.

In the process, you’ll receive products that not only raise the bar but also give you the opportunity to be Nōbl!


Where he's from. His beliefs. Background. Family.
Who we are
1. Where He’s From
Todd is originally from Upstate New York, but since 1990, he has called Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the yachting capital of the world, his home base. For over thirty years, as an entrepreneur, yacht sales specialist and former superyacht captain, Todd has traveled and lived all over the world. Through his work and travels, he witnessed people in need, which inspired him to create Nōbl. Our Standards
What we believe
2. What He Believes
Todd believes if you are blessed, you have a responsibility to support those that are less fortunate. He created Nōbl to be different in a positive way, as well as to raise awareness and provide a platform to help meet fundraising goals. He’s passionate about supporting a wide variety of dynamic causes (over 1 million of them) to give our members the flexibility and autonomy to choose those they personally care about. Buy One = Give One
3. His Background
Todd is a 30-year yacht specialist, internet technology, and marketing expert. At age 19, he started his global career on superyachts. At age 23, he became the youngest superyacht captain in history. At age 32, he started his own technology agency where he built and sold his first tech startup. By age 35, he had orchestrated and managed over 100,000,000 USD in new yacht construction. Todd continues as a yacht sales broker and specialist, as well as an investor at Nōbl, while his agency provides software solutions and expertise to leading yacht brokerages worldwide. About Nōbl
Nobl Causes
4. Family-Minded
Todd gave Nōbl its name by considering important values he wanted to instill in his children. For Todd and his family, Nōbl is their special way of doing things. Being part of the Nōbl family means: treating others how you want to be treated, supporting causes financially and on social media, giving back to those in need just as you would for friends or family, and simply being kind. Todd puts his values into action not only by creating Nōbl, but also by treating those close to him, including his employees, as cherished members of his family as well. Be Nōbl

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Step 2 - Complete your order
Select a Nōbl cause
Buy One = Give One
For each bar you buy, Nōbl will give a bar or $1.00....

Simply select the cause you'd like to support, or "Betterment", (if you'd like to donate soap) and we'll either donate soap to those in need, or money to your favorite cause.

Note: If you want us to give to multiple causes within one order, just add another item to your bag. Its that simple, and remember, the more you buy, the more we give.

Spotlight Causes
BettermentGive soap to people in need. (default)
EqualityEverybody deserves to be treated equal.
Human Rights Watch - Protecting rights, saving lives
Oxfam America - We mobilize the power of people to end the injustice of poverty.
Times Up Foundation - Women's rights in the workplace
UNICEF USA - Shelter, nutrition, protection for children
NatureBecause the world is worth saving.
International SeaKeepers Society - Oceanographic research, conservation, and education.
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation - Dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants.
National Wildlife Federation - Uniting all Americans to ensure wildlife thrive in a rapidly changing world.
OpportunityAccess to a quality education.
Boys & Girls Clubs of America - Enabling young people to be productive, caring, responsible citizens.
BraveryMilitary, First Responders, and Faith.
Covenant House Florida - Serving at-risk youth & young adults in Ft Lauderdale and Orlando.
Doctors Without Borders - We put doctors and nurses where they are needed most.
The Trevor Project - Providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth.
LifeA better life for people, pets, and wildlife.
ALS Association National Office - Serve, advocate for, and empower people affected by ALS.
Stand Up To Cancer - Our mission is to get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now.
The Humane Society of the US - We're the nation's most effective animal protection organization.
The Keep A Breast Foundation - Breast health, education & support
Select when to replenish
Replenish & Relax
Cancel any time! On average a bar lasts about 7-10 days....

Simply select the time period you'd like to replenish your order, and in addition to receiving 10% off, we'll keep donating money to your favorite cause, and you'll never run out of your favorite products from Nōbl.

Note: If you ever want to cancel or change the frequency of your replenishment, just go to your account settings.

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  • 40

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